• Sufism

    Our Story

    After fifteen years of filmmaking, international recognition and
    several awards, Yasmin Kidwai, the founder of Springbox Films,
    found a compelling new curiosity:
    the many nuances of Indian women’s clothing.

    She began to question what she saw:
    where does the traditional end and the contemporary begin?
    Does only Western garb make one progressive,
    or can one be both Indian and modern at the same time?

    Can self-expression include introspection?
    Can the door to freedom be unlocked within one’s own mind?

  • Freedom

    And so, drawing on her own Kashmiri and Awadhi roots, Yasmin launched
    House of Qidwa in 2015, a clothing line with the soul of Sufi.

    The design house offers eclectic feminine clothing that celebrates individuality,
    infusing the sophistication of urbane silhouettes while embracing tradition.

    As a filmmaker, Yasmin finds inspiration everywhere – from solar power
    harnessed by village-women in Rajasthan and Africa , to polo and other tradional sports in India,
    and the inclusivity of Bollywood.

    Driven by the same seeking spirit, the clothing line is an exploration of
    hybrid shapes and flowing drapes with unexpected twists.

  • Motion

    A blue ikat reminiscent of the mesmerizing Dal lake in Srinagar;
    a yellow maxi with the ease of a beachside café in Goa;
    a mulmul kurta as soft as the sand under your bare feet;
    a breezy kaftan with the unworldliness of a Sufi saint;
    a gently hugging cotton anarkali like a poem whispered in your ears.

  • The label uses handwoven breathable fabrics made by experienced artisans with
    natural dyes and time-tested techniques. Like art and poetry, ensembles are
    open to interpretation.

    Modest yet confident, classic yet cosmopolitan, the label has very quickly
    and quietly acquired a clientele of women who seek individuality above fashion.
    Women who juxtapose the conventional and the unconventional.
    Women who are unafraid to ask questions, and seek answers.

    Echoing the words of the great Sufi poet Rumi, these clothes too seem to ask,

    “And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”



A compelling curiosity is the hallmark of the documentary film maker.
We are taught that there are no right answers, that's what
House of Qidwa is too, evolving and without limits...
I hope you will let our clothes be a part of your expression and journey.

Happy Shopping!
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