Yasmin Kidwai

An award-winning filmmaker based in New Delhi, Yasmin Kidwai has spent nearly two decades making thought-provoking documentaries. With critically acclaimed cinematography and sensitive explorations of women’s issues, her firm, Springbox Films has a considerable repertoire of films with quality visuals, a commitment to solid research, and powerful storytelling.

In 2014, Yasmin launched House of Qidwa, a clothing line with the soul of Sufi, channeling her sense of aesthetics and her keen eye for detail in a creative new direction. Drawing on her Kashmiri and Awadhi roots, her designs bring together the best of Indian traditional weaves and prints, along with the easy comfort of contemporary silhouettes. Her desire to break away from traditional moulds is evident in both her filmmaking and her fashion design. Her label challenges notions of modest versus modern clothing, and blurs the boundaries of comfort and convention.

Committed to making clothing that sparks meaningful dialogue and drives change, House of Qidwa has quickly and quietly acquired a clientele of women who seek individuality above fashion. For Yasmin, the freedom we seek lies inside us, and style is all about being yourself.

Atul Gupta

Atul, a cavalier from the elite 61st Cavalry, the only mounted regiment of the Indian Army has played polo for the Indian Army and the country, around the world for the last two decades.

One fast track to another, on taking premature retirement in 2010, he joined the Buddh International Circuit, India’s first & only F1 racing track. He was part of the key group responsible for the smooth roll out of the first ever & all subsequent Formula One races in the country. Subsequently, he headed the BIC and ran it as an independent business unit.

The entrepreneur spirit combined with the lure of Sufism drew him to House of Qidwa, where he uses his energies to help the brand fly free. He also heads the marketing division of the parent company Spring Box Films Pvt Ltd.
In his free time he still plays polo, enjoys golf, experiments with photography and adds to his flying hours!


After fifteen years of filmmaking, international recognition and several awards, Yasmin Kidwai, the founder of Springbox Films,found a compelling new curiosity: the many nuances of Indian women’s clothing.

She began to question what she saw:where does the traditional end and the contemporary begin? Does only Western garb make one progressive,or can one be both Indian and modern at the same time?

Can self-expression include introspection?Can the door to freedom be unlocked within one’s own mind?Freedom
And so, drawing on her own Kashmiri and Awadhi roots, Yasmin launched House of Qidwa in 2015, a clothing line with the soul of Sufi. Read More