As a Sufi inspired label House of Qidwa crafts clothing for modern women who are looking for relaxed functional silhouettes that have a formal sartorial approach. These women understand quality and are still in touch with the realness of handloom. The aesthetics of the label go beyond Indian Sufi moods taking inspiration from Ottoman, Turkish and Persian styles of dressing up making modesty an integral element of their collections. Fashion is all about clothes – adding interesting elements as layers or combinations makes a look work – making modesty very in and an international trend. The relaxed formal vibe of the clothing makes the clothes occasion neutral which gives a sense of freedom to the wearers as they go about their work and life – very very stylishly.

Every brand has a story to tell and a logo is an integral part of that story telling. The essence of House of Qidwa lies in its inspiration that is Sufi, a sense of Freedom that the clothes stand for and a will to move forward as go-getters defined by motion. All three elements come together to form our logo.


Sufism goes beyond religion to form a culture. In the contemporary world, the easy silhouettes of dervish clothing is very iconic and we pick the dervish cap to define the Sufi element of our label. The Sufi cap is not just symbolic of the culture as inspiration but the aura and mysticism that comes with it.


The bird signifies freedom. A freedom to express yourself and move away from the shackles of the limiting world around us. Women are defining their own terms – and modesty is the key tool. This is not modesty that binds but gives power to focus on what you are about with clothes that spell individualism. This confidence to delve in yourself and celebrate your own is depicted by a flying bird.


The motion depicts the will to move forward from what exists. There are no inhibitions and no prejudices. The functional and practical aspect of the clothing transcend from work to party and day to night. Effortless carefree clothing is one of the best attires for the modern day go-getters.

The logo is as expressive as the clothing and the story of House of Qidwa.

2SOUL IN ECSTATIC MOTION – An Introduction to an Individualistic Collection

Individualism plays a key role in fashion. A fashion story ultimately depends on the wearer making it one of the most striking inspirations for House of Qidwa. Individualism also captures an integral essence of Sufism which revolves around self-expression.

You may be a small part of the Universe but you are significant enough. Significant enough because there is no one quite like you. With the words above, Rumi spells out the power of individualism.

Fashion and individualism have a strong connect. Clothes are an integral part of your personal expression. What you wear is not only about the outer realm but an insight into your personality, beliefs and choices that make you. In the era of mass, the expression of individualism is luxurious.

Inculcating the striking essence of ‘you’ are these powerful strong statement making outfits that spell of one of a kind elements and combinations that add a unique personal touch with interesting layering options, one of a kind patterns and cuts, bold prints and high fashion styling units. We are talking polished sharp jackets, overlapping pants, over- sized collars and mixed prints which make every outfit eccentric.

Individualism is the key to this kind of powerful fashion. Personal style is the ultimate reality of fashion and these outfits reach out to women who live that spirit by making each garment their own. Different is a way of life for these women. Each of these outfits are rooted in our culture but the touch of bold inculcates the elements of modern global dressing making the look an interesting mix and unconventional.

3RAISE YOUR WORDS – An Introduction to the Work Collection

House of Qidwa gives a Sufi touch to the power dressing for the working women. A highly practical collection with a smart outlook and the kinds that doesn’t compromise on style. We give you an insight to the mood of the collection.

Words have a power of their own and so do clothes. Inspired by these ever relevant words strung by Rumi – is this striking collection that spells power dressing with its on-point silhouettes and moods. Formal collars, muted colours, crisp cuts add the perfect office dressing touch to the classic kurta and pant combinations.

The modern go-getter is looking for accomplishments and she dresses the part. The collection inspires you to channel your energies in the right direction by dressing up for it. The element of comfort in the collection promises focus and the element of style promises an aura of confidence that are key ingredients to make a mark at work. Dressing up for work is exciting and a feel good factor which inspires women to do more. We believe that your clothes can earn it for you!
With its latest work wear collection, House of Qidwa reinvents work wear by enhancing work dressing for the urban nomads who live in the cross culture scapes by taking the collection beyond those regular shirts, over done suits and impractical skirts.

Modern dressing is a lot about playing with proportions and Sufi inspired outfits with forgiving silhouettes captures that essence effectively. The collection is all about tasteful dressing that focuses on individuality.
The palette of the collection is ruled by neutrals, monochromes and pastels that define subtle for your desk worthy looks.